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OkS!!!! so....i know i promised to update on my trip...but then suddenly, the whole issue with JaeChunSu filing a lawsuit against SM and rumors of disbandment popped up.

What's my thought on this?......


...I have a bad feeling about this but ya know what...we all just gotta wait until things get better...we all need to continue supporting dbsk...and lastly....we all need to believe in what they're doing.

DBSK IS AWESOME FOR TAKING A STAND AGAINST THEIR COMPANY!!! they're showing that they don't want to be labeled as a "money-making thing" to SM. They're humans! they need rest!!!! ...PLEASE CONTINUE TO SUPPORT THEM...AND I HOPE THEY WIN THIS LAWSUIT BECAUSE SM NEEDS A HUGE SMACK IN THEIR FACE AND A FAT KICK TO THEIR ASS.

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