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EVE's journal of random stuff!

welcome to the land of boredom. :P

Hi! I'm Evelyn and I'm part taiwanese/malaysian. I can speak mandarin, english, and a little bit of japanese. I love to travel to asian countries.

-I've been to two concerts which was March 29th X Japan Tokyo Dome Concert and December 28th Super Junior M Concert in Hong Kong
-I've been to Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Singapore
-I want to visit Korea someday

Currently my fandom is mostly DBSK, SHINee (love Taemin!), NEWS, Kat-tun, SS501, A'ST1, and Epik High

layout made by: heaven_smiles at the community: berserk_reality. Go join!!! :D

[Thank yous to the people who made my previous layouts]

Thank you neyvaa for my previous layout of uchi! i loved it! I changed another layout!!! Thank you minty_peach and machinebattery for the lovely layout of junsu. Thank you skyoflove for the DBSK layout!!! Thank you lilxinyue for the wonderful DBSK mirotic layout!